Taxonomy 1.1.0

Application that helps you to quickly sort files and folders and store them in order

Application that helps you to quickly sort files and folders and store them in order

Taxonomy was specially developed for quick file sorting. It will come handy if you need to sort your photos among several folders: “Holiday in Spain”, “Party”, etc. It is indispensable when it is time to clean out the Downloads folder, the desktop or arrange the projects or the media. It will make the files and folders well-structured, allowing quick and easy finding of the information.

Six cases, where Taxonomy can help:

1. You need to sort out many pictures.

2. You are going to sort out the project folders.

3. Your drive is full.

4. There are so many icons on your desktop that they are arranged in two layers.

5. You think it’s high time to sort out your video or music collection.

6. You just like your files to be in order.

Key features:

- Viewing file by file.

- Showing folders for sorting out the files.

- Sorting the files with a mouse click or pressing a key.

- Quick Look mode for file viewing.

- Simple deleting of the files.

- Viewing the subfolders.

- Taxonomy will offer to delete the empty folder

Taxonomy shows the files of the folder one by one in Quick Look mode. This mode allows viewing the file and the major information about it. It takes nothing but to press a key to put a file to the storage folder or to delete it.

A double-click on a file allows opening it in the standard editor application. Taxonomy shows the content of the subfolders, which may also be sent for sorting with one click. These functions allow very quick and easy sorting of the folders.

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Taxonomy 1.1.0

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